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2007 International Bamboo Building Design Competition
An Architecture Design Competition of Structural Bamboo Buildings
"Visionary Designs for Ecological Living"
Bamboo Technologies of Maui earns ICC Certification
for Structural Bamboo Poles for Bamboo Living
TM Homes
MAKAWAO HAWAII – December 17, 2004. Bamboo Technologies received confirmation from ICC Evaluation Service that its structural bamboo poles used in Bamboo Living Homes complies with the provisions of International Building Codes. This structural bamboo will be included in the International Building Code system for permitted buildings. This is the first time a species of bamboo has been approved as a structural building material in the International Building Code System.
Beautifully crafted Bamboo Living Homes are designed by licensed architects and engineered by licensed structural engineers. They are custom engineered to meet local building code requirements for each specific building site. Designs use the strength of the bamboo and its connections to exceed building code requirements for earthquake and hurricane zones.
ICC Evaluation Service Report ESR-1636 (Nov. 2004) states Structural Bamboo Poles produced by Bamboo Technologies comply with the provisions of the following codes: 2003 International Building Code (IBC), 2003 International Residential Code (IRC) and 1997 Uniform Building Code (UBC). "The structural bamboo poles are used as structural elements in wall, roof and floor trusses (panels) or as individual compression and/or tension members in Type V non-fire resistance rated residential and commercial construction". This confirmation provides guidance to code officials faced with approving the use of structural bamboo poles in Bamboo Living Homes under these codes. The evaluation report is available online at
ICC ESR1636 ICC Evaluation Service Report on Structural Bamboo Poles (PDF 2 pages)
“This is the first certification for bamboo as a structural building material in the USA, Canada and Europe. Getting bamboo in building codes is a huge step forward,” explains Jeffree Trudeau, founder of Bamboo Technologies. “Homebuyers can get permits for bamboo homes with greater ease. We are approved for dwelling permits on Maui, Molokai, Lanai, Kauai, Oahu and Big Island.”
In conjunction with the International Bamboo Foundation (IBF), Bamboo Technologies has funded research for nine years to certify bamboo as a home building material. This research on the species of structural bamboo produced in Vietnam under quality control guidelines is provided to the ICC. This certified bamboo produced by Bamboo Technologies is now available for architects, designers and builders.
Prospective homebuyers can choose from a range of prefabricated homes, studios, guest houses, vacation rentals, pavilions and gazebos. Bamboo home designs use many interchangeable parts and can readily be adapted, expanded, connected, disassembled or moved. Homebuyers view online a gallery of home models and can select sizes, floor plans, options, costs, details and finishes, then preview steps and procedures to purchase a bamboo home at
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